Flu Fighting Finds from Etsy

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Photo (above): Breath Easy Organic Herbal Bath from Sunnyside Skincare

Flu season is here, and we at Ladybud are sniffling, sneezing, and sleepwalking our way through February. Here’s a list of 10 handcrafted comfort items from the artisans of Etsy to help get you through the flu a little easier. Feel better soon!

Herbal Vapor Rub

by Sanctuary Apothecary


Want a natural version of Vick’s? Try this herbal vapor rub to bring relief and comfort to chest congestion, headache, and stuffy sinuses. It’s made by hand using organic ingredients and a blend of essential oils selected for their anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and soothing qualities.

Flu Fighter Tea

by Una Biologicals


This all-organic loose tea includes flu-fighting Elderberries, vitamin C-boosting organic rosehips, lemon peel, orange peel, and lemon balm with a pinch of licorice to sooth your sore throat. Plus, it’s totally cool looking.

Lavender Hemp Lip Balm

by Bear Earth Herbals

HempLipBalmThis nourishing all-natural lip balm is made with 100% unrefined hemp seed oil, cold infused with organic lavender blossoms.  It’s deliciously soothing for cold sores as well as healing dry, chapped lips.

Flu Voodoo Herbal Bath Bomb

by Athena’s Choice

VoodooFlu Voodoo is “a blend of essential oils featuring powerful anti-virals, decongestants, anti-septic and mood elevating properties.” At just $4.20 for up to four baths (depending on how strong you like it), these bath bombs sound like just what the doctor ordered.

Healing Intention Candle

by Enlight Candles

HealCandleIf you believe in the power of intention, this simple, unscented pillar candle should do a good job of getting right to the point, creating the perfect mood to burn your troubles away.

Warming Muscle Rub

by The Holistic Science Co.


An especially icky side-effect of the flu, aching muscles can find relief with this warmly soothing muscle rub made from all-natural pain-relieving herbs, oils and botanical extracts including capsaicin, camphor, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger.

Lucid Dream Eye Pillow

by Lucid Portal

EyePillowNasty cough keeping you up at night? Navigate your way to sweet dreams with this beautifully handpainted eye pillow. It’s made with protective Labradorite and anchoring Quartz crystals as well as herbs including Mugwort (promotes dreams), Lavender (relaxing), and Chamomile (astral travel), so you can turn your bad flu trip into a soothing celestial adventure.

Heatable/Chillable Neck Wrap

by Little Peeps Pillows

NeckPillowHot/cold neck wrap pillows are just totally freaking awesome. If you have the chills, you can heat it in the microwave for long-lasting warmth or if you’re feeling feverish, you can pop it in the freezer for some extra cool relief. This version is stuffed with flax seed for long-lasting heat retention, and is available in a variety of fabric options, as well as a variety of scents for some added aromatherapy. Includes a bonus matching eye pillow.


Muscle Soak Organic Herbal Bath

by Sunnyside Skincare

MuscleSoakRelax and sooth your aching body in the tub with this fragrant, all-natural blend of epsom salts, organic comfrey, organic juniper berries, organic rosemary, and organic thyme. If you’re feeling congested, check out Sunnyside Skincare’s “Breathe Easy” organic herbal bath (pictured at top).

Lemon Essential Oil Cough Drops

by Do T Do Candy

LemonCoughMade from dietary approved 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, these drops include cold-pressed lemon rinds to sooth your itchy, scratchy throat. As an added bonus, the shop’s proprietor suggests these drops can also be effective in treating bad breath, alertness, anemia, cold sores, constipation, cough, dysentery, exhaustion, fatigue, gallbladder infection, gal stones, halitosis, heartburn, hiccups, kidney stones, malaria, pancreatitis, duodenal ulcers, and much more. Sounds pretty cool to us.