Gov Chris Christie’s Curious Brand of Vengeful Politics Not Limited to Actual Rivals

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Image Courtesy: Donkey Hotey

Jay Lassiter, political consultant, sometimes writer for Ladybud Magazine and board member at the Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey yesterday wrote on his blog for about the travails of the state bungled medical marijuana program and how Governor Christie’s political bullying isn’t simply directed at those who displease the beleaguered politician:

“Now that the entire universe knows about Chris Christie’s insatiable appetite for recriminations, it’s a good time to reexamine the scandal-plagued Governor’s role in destroying NJ’s medical marijuana law.  Why?  Because the five-year-old program — signed into law shortly before Christie took office — has been a case study in big-government incompetence.  Chris Christie never liked New Jersey’s medical marijuana law and he’s never been shy about saying so.  From day one, the governor has attempted to strangle the medical marijuana program with…”


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