The Undergreen Railroad: Helping The Manley Family

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Submitted by Theresa Knox from the Undergreen Railroad, an organization created to help families relocate for access to cannabis.

Greetings From Undergreen Railroad.  As a part of our service, we will be featuring a prospective passenger that could use some help getting from their current state, where they don’t have the freedom to use cannabis, to a state where they will be able to have beneficial cannabis legally.

This time our Featured Prospect is one of our founders, in critical need to relocate.

Tina Manley

Tina Manley

Meet Tina Manley: She is a passionate Cannabis activist in Blackfoot, Idaho. Tina is originally from Alaska, where she worked hard to help establish the medical Cannabis laws, and moved to SE Idaho several years ago to escape the extremely long and cold Alaskan winters, as they exacerbate the pain from her spinal injury; also she had a long-time friend who lived there already. In a very anti-Cannabis community, she has tried to spread education and truth about Cannabis, while unable to legally treat her own medical issues: three torn thoracic discs in her spine which are inoperable and cause spinal fluid to leak into her nervous system, and severe PTSD stemming back to a childhood with an abusive mother followed by abusive relationships that also caused her further back injuries.

Tina is married to Mickey Manley, her loving husband of 17 years. Mickey also needs Cannabis to help treat his numerous allergies and asthma symptoms and recurring migraines. She is the mother to two beautiful children who are the center of her world: Donaven and Melody.


Tina and Donaven

As if the medical issues the Manleys contend with aren’t enough to bear, this year the family lost a piece of its collective heart when Donaven passed away quite unexpectedly. As anyone who has lost a loved one knows, their family has been fractured in an irreparable manner; they are broken-hearted.

Before The Undergreen Railroad was even conceived, we have wanted to help Tina and her family leave Idaho. The state’s marijuana laws are atrocious– one of the reasons Tina has tried so hard to get local support to change them.  Now, with Tina’s and Mickey’s medical issues still a concern, the emotional damage suffered this year has made their need to relocate even more urgent. Surrounded by the constant reminders of the son and brother they lost, in addition to suffering through chronic pain and other health problems, the Manleys simply can’t bear to remain in Blackfoot.

Mickey’s father has a motor home he has given to the family, just waiting to be picked up in Florida. So this family needs to get to Florida, then have gas money to get them back to Idaho to pack up and move to Oregon, where PTSD has just become a qualifying condition for treatment with Cannabis and where they have a huge network of support waiting to help them recover and heal.

Tina and Melody

Tina and Melody

Tina and Mickey are both employed; however, Tina’s job is in jeopardy due to time taken off after the death of her son, and with the unexpected expenses related to a death in the family, the Manleys are exhausted financially. We are hoping to collect some unused Frequent Flyer Miles to get the Manleys to Florida, and of course cash to help them pay for the gas to drive it home. It would also help a great deal if they could be directed to a pet-friendly, long-term RV park.

Please help if you can, and share out Tina’s story so others have the opportunity to help as well!

Here’s a link to donate to Tina’s fundraiser:

To stay up to date on Tina’s story and others, please visit the Undergreen Railroad on Facebook:

The Undergreen Railroad website is a great tool if you are looking to make the transition from one state to another and we have several self-help links available for anyone to use, free of charge at

The Undergreen Railroad has more families that need help, if you would like to help in ways other than monetary donation, please contact

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