The Undergreen Railroad: Helping Patients Relocate for Cannabis Access

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By Theresa Knox

The ability of each state to create its own laws is perhaps the greatest thing about the United States, because it means no citizen must accept a law they find unjust so long as there is another state that has more compatible laws. The Undergreen Railroad is a new organization forming in response to a need that is becoming more and more common: help in relocating Cannabis consumers to a safe and compassionate state.

The United States is poised on the brink of change in our Cannabis laws– evidence the 20 states (plus the District of Columbia) that have legalized Cannabis, either medically or fully. That federal laws will ‘soon’ follow suit may be a given at this point; however, ‘soon’ is not soon enough for many who have been waiting for decades to legally choose the most effective form of medication to treat their illness/disorder; ‘soon’ is not soon enough for many who fear arrest, incarceration, and the loss of custody of their children for their choice. ‘Soon’ is certainly not soon enough for people whose lives, or the lives of their children, are threatened by cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Dravet’s Syndrome, and other debilitating and terminal diseases and disorders. These people need to move into a more compassionate state now.

The Undergreen Railroad was created so that people who have an urgent need to move to a state in which Cannabis is at least medically legal can network, make an educated choice of the state they wish to relocate to, raise funds, plan ahead, get help, and know they aren’t facing this move alone. The Undergreen Railroad website offers self-help tools for researching local laws, housing, jobs, supportive services, schools and more in the Destination States. We help create fundraisers, and hope to quickly grow into a network that connects those with a need for help with those with a desire to help.

As well as applications for those in need of relocation, we also offer a link to contact us so YOU can help an individual or family, whether in a financial capacity, through donations of Frequent Flyer miles, offers of permanent or temporary housing, offers of employment, donations of furniture or clothing, or in whatever capacity you wish. We are a grassroots organization. We are not wealthy people. We just care tremendously, as many of us have had to leave our homes and understand the journey.  Your donations mean everything to these passengers! We know the CannaCommunity is full of compassionate individuals, families, and organizations that want to see people safely relocated; we offer a way for all of us to come together, and work together, to achieve that goal.