Operation Normalize: Ruining Marijuana’s Bad Reputation

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By Karen Livreri 

Cannabis has been given a pretty bad rap over the years, and wrongfully so. Cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, or as I prefer to call it, ‘Peace Bloom’ has been run through the mud. There are many theories and some facts as to why, but regardless of the cause, it’s an undeniable fact that the prohibition of Cannabis is affecting the health of the human race.

ReeferMadness4There are too many people sitting in jail for using a plant that is necessary to their health that they should have every right to use. Ironically, these people will need this plant to heal their bodies from the potential cancer and diseases they may have or already have developed from the disgusting inhumane diet ‘the system’ feeds to its prisoners. Families are broken up every day over this plant. Our government likes to call it a ‘War On Drugs’. Well, that’s one thing they did get right. It is a war on drugs. Their war. They are fighting to keep the people in need of THEIR drugs. They don’t want us finding out how to heal ourselves. They don’t want us to be able to prevent the diseases that the absence of this plant will cause and families suffer because of it, and it kills me that children pay the highest price.

The good word needs to be spread to the old and young alike. Education is the key. I call it Cannabis to people who are not quite ready to accept the fact that is really is not a drug- per say. I believe that how it is referred to is very important when dealing with a newbie. I have done extensive research and consider myself quite educated in the field of Cannabis. You need to have your facts straight when entering into a conversation with someone who does not believe Cannabis really does heal! I have had people come to me and ask questions ‘in confidence.’ I respect their need for privacy. I answer their questions and educate them to the best of my ability. I usually walk away or hang up the phone knowing this person is better off now that we had ‘the talk’.

Normalizing Cannabis is more important than you can possibly imagine. Let me paint you a picture: A little girl in love with horses. Good grades, never in trouble. Raised by great parents. Dad was a loyal career United States Marine for 20 years and her mom had a variety of jobs – when she was not happy at one, she found another. A good example if you ask me, nobody should ever spend a day unhappy.  This girl was straight laced and never did a drug in her life, unless you consider Tylenol a drug.  This girl is now in her 30’s and just learned about Cannabis oil while researching how to naturally cure her father-in-law’s leukemia. Months of research ensued. Now she is MAD when she discovers how she was lied to by the very government her father worked so hard for. The government she was taught to respect has completely betrayed her. The loyalty is gone. A new love is born, a love for real freedom and a passion for health. Suddenly she realizes that so many people can be saved by something so simple. The ordinary life she was taught to live will never be the same.

MarijuanaGirl1That little girl is me. My friends still cannot believe that I love this plant. My reputation is forever changed.  A little at a time, and a little more every day. And I don’t care who knows it. I now have a new outlook on life. People who do not use this plant for everything it has to offer are the uneducated ones. It is our job to change that. We have to educate these people. We have to normalize cannabis as the ‘healing herb’. We need to teach them that there is nothing wrong with a natural healing source.

People have no idea that their bodies make cannabinoids naturally! They don’t even know their bodies have an endocannabinoid system that manages their pain with receptors leading to their liver, thyroid and spleen, just to name a few. Just like our bones need vitamin D, our endocannabinoid system needs cannabinoids! Obesity can be managed, diabetes could be cured, and cancer could be a thing of the past.

But if we don’t tell everybody we know at every opportunity it will always be just a drug and never become normal. Normalization is what will bring moms and dads home from jail and prevent juries from convicting any more. Normalization will keep families together. The government does not need to worry about people making fast, tax-free cash with no benefit of taxes if it were normalized because it would be growing in everyone’s back yard, like basil or tomatoes. It would save the government a ton of money when police calls stop, because face it, happy people don’t call the cops!

As bad as a rap as cannabis has in some of the places I go, it does not stop me from wearing my Brave Mykayla “Peace-Love-Cure” t-shirt as often as I can. And on days that I am not wearing that shirt, I most definitely have another marijuana leaf shirt I’m proud to sport. I am the face that people do not expect to be a cannabis user. They are always shocked. But it is opening doors in my community. It gives me the opportunity to educate. A lot of people use cannabis and it is a big secret. Let’s change that. I encourage everybody to come out of the closet and take part in ‘Operation Normalize’. The only prevention we need is preventing another family member from getting convicted for such a healthy cause.

Cannabis is good. It’s time to ruin its bad reputation with the very few people who are still hanging onto Reefer Madness.