Ticket to Ride: 2014 is the Year of Cannabis

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This past year was one of the greatest years ever for the Cannabis Movement. Many people think that 2012 with two states legalizing was the greatest year, and those were indeed big battles won in a long war but 2013 boasted some amazing events that have forever and positively changed the movement. I cannot think of a week that went by without a news piece being widely circulated about cannabis. Pot was all over the news. Millions of Americans and others globally have been awakened to a new realm of thinking and our movement was given a strong sense of credibility and influence.

We watched the spark of the children’s movement catch fire and take the entire country by storm. There are more and more parents coming out and telling their stories of treating their children with cannabis successfully for all to hear, and the number of those who are doing so privately is astounding. It has been a pleasure of mine to be introduced to so many parents who are seeking alternatives and finding that they work. Cannabis treatment for children will surely continue to make waves this year and I intend on rocking the boat myself as we need to push for the acceptance of cannabinoid therapy for children as well as adults — and push hard.

We have seen the demand for medicinal and recreational cannabis exponentially grow, there are many states now developing legislature for medicinal programs. Other states have groups gearing up for full legalization, following on the heels of Colorado and Washington. All the changes and openness has created disorganization within our movement that we need to reign in, reorganize and remain in control. It has always been said that there is strength in numbers. The more people who stand together, the more power they have. I am asking for all groups in the cannabis industry to set aside differences and form a more solid union to take prohibition head on, together we can bring it crashing down.

2013 has also been a year of increased state sponsored kidnappings by CPS in retaliation for choosing cannabis. Simply put, this is reprehensible and needs to be put to an end. Possession of Cannabis in any state should not be grounds to remove children from their homes and families. This tactic augments harm rather mitigating it. We need to fight against this before more American families are destroyed from persecution over personal choice. Just because a person chooses to consume cannabis recreationally or medicinally over drinking alcohol or using pharmaceuticals, does not make them a bad person but it sure seems to put parents at risk of losing their children. Why is that? This next year let us all show solidarity and stand against these for profit abductions, making 2014 the beginning of the end for CPS involvement over Cannabis, and the opening of their courts to the public eye.

2014 should be a year focused on unity, compassion, understanding and evolution of thought. There is a definite lack of compassion and understanding shown daily by our elected leaders. I reflect sometimes about the epic failures we have voted into office, hoping for changes to be made that were never seen — well, not the changes we were hoping for. This goes for all of our elected officials, on the local, state and federal level. There needs to be a wide scale evolution in thought, bringing our legal policies into harmony with what the represented people actually desire. Let’s make this year our baby; let us coddle it and watch it grow into something that makes us all proud! In 2014, we should aim to ride our bikes with no handlebars, and it will be an even more progressive year!