Tis the Time for End of Year Giving

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Here at Ladybud Magazine, it is no secret that we want the Drug War to end. However, we are not just interested in that form of human rights progress alone — we care about all kinds of things! There are only two days to contribute for 2013 to organizations that work hard to create a better world. Below you will find some of our staff picks. You may see some names you recognize as well as some lesser known yet equally deserving ones.

Have a beautiful end of the year and a wonderful beginning of a new one!

Drug Policy Reform
It’s been a banner year for marijuana reform, but there’s still a long way to go not only for marijuana laws, but for  myriad issues in broader drug policy reform including mandatory minimum sentencing, prison reform, research, and education. All of these organizations play critical yet differing roles in making our world a better place, including Parents for Pot’s current fundraising campaign for the children of Drug War POWs.

Human Rights
These organizations are truly making a difference in our country and our world – spreading awareness, shaping new laws, and changing lives. These well-established humanitarian organizations continue to fight against inequality and injustice, bringing light to critical issues through initiatives like ACLU’s campaign to challenge NSA’s abuse of American constitutional freedoms.

Animal Protection
These organizations give a voice to millions of abused, neglected, and abandoned animals, with efforts including rescue coordination, education, and spay-neuter programs. If you can’t adopt your own rescue pet, you can still help save a life by donating to a grassroots organization like Danny and Ron’s Rescue, which has re-homed more than 5,000 animals since 2005.

One in six Americans is hungry this holiday season. Even a small donation can make a big difference – an $11 donation to Philabundance pays for 22 meals.
Peace and International Relations
In the words of Albert Einstein, “Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding.” You can help to give peace a chance by supporting organizations like Veterans for Peace, a community of ex-military men and women who educate the public about the human cost of war in their fight to abolish warfare as a national policy.
You can help to create a healthier planet by supporting organizations like Plant a Billion Trees, which plants one tree for every dollar donated. Wish there were a billion hemp trees in America? Help change the law so that can happen by supporting Vote Hemp.