REVIEW: Incredibles Medical Cannabis Edibles

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Heaven can be found in a chocolate bar. Many people experience transcendental bliss through eating chocolate and I have experienced such bliss eating an Incredibles Boulder Bar.

Boulder Bars are delicious, consistent and properly dosed.  Available at various dispensaries throughout Colorado, the bars contain cannabis infused milk chocolate with toffee and almond pieces.

Each Boulder Bar contains 100 mg of activated THC.  The bar is considered one serving size, so the consumer has to do the math to know the approximate dosage for smaller portions.  With the bar scored in 12 squares, three chocolate squares provide 25 mg.

Note: It’s best to start off slowly if you aren’t familiar with the effects of edibles.  Based on experience, I rarely eat an entire edible at one sitting unless it is late at night.  I prefer to consume 25-50mg at a time.


Sometimes I eat small amounts of medicated chocolate periodically through the day, a very portable and private way to medicate. I carry it along with me and have a piece or two every few hours for a functional level of consistent pain relief. Before a recent photo shoot, I ate two Strawberry Crunch squares to calm my nerves.  The infused chocolate helped me relax.  The effects were long lasting too. Being discreet is one advantage to edibles, because smelling like marijuana smoke may not be advantageous in certain situations.

Another night on the town, I was at a show at the Ogden Theater. I ate half a Boulder Bar and put the rest into a pocket in my jeans.  At the concert, I most enjoyed the feeling of wellbeing I got after eating the bar. I felt free to enjoy the music and performance onstage and experienced such a feeling of peace – I loved it.

Unfortunately, I forgot about the rest of the bar in my pocket until after the show. When I opened the bag, it was a melted mess.  No need to fret, the chocolate was easy to recover.  I placed the bar and wrapper in the fridge and after chilling for a few minutes,  I peeled apart the package seams, and the chocolate was solid again. The dosing squares were lost but the chocolate was fine.

The Boulder Bar is just one of many infused chocolate Incredibles creations made by Medically Correct. Incredibles come in different dosages of THC and flavors. The dosage per bar ranges from 100 mg to 300mg of activated THC from hash oil.  The different flavors of most bars are based in white chocolate or milk chocolate and additional flavors. I like the use of organic fruit in the bars.

Sealed in a silver Mylar bag, each bag has a colorful and professional front label and an information dense back label.  The back label on each bar has a production lot number, bar code, expiration date, list of ingredients, nutrition facts, company information, website and social media contacts. Also listed is a disclosure of hash extractions and legal product disclaimer.

Incredibles’ Peanut Budda Buddha Bar is a 200 mg bar with white chocolate, peanut butter, and pretzels.  The Monkey Bar has organic bananas and walnuts and coconut in milk chocolate and 100 mg THC. The singular dark chocolate bar is the Fire Berry with 300 mg THC, raspberries and habanero peppers. White chocolate Incredibles bars, like the Strawberry Crunch Bar with flax crispies and organic strawberries, are good bars, effectively dosed and taste good overall.

There is some room for Incredibles to raise the bar on infused chocolates.  Bigger chunks of ingredients would make a more artisan chocolate bar. Both the Monkey Bar and the Peanut Budda Buddha Bar would be even more delicious with larger chunks to better distinguish the flavors. The Peanut Budda Buddha is a great tasting bar, but the pretzels chunks were very homogenous. Adding larger chunks would alter the dosage per piece, but it would add to a more enjoyable chocolate eating experience.

Aside from my opinion on the size of flavor chunks, Incredibles infused chocolate bars are simply amazing.  I thoroughly enjoy eating them and feeling grateful and happy.