Ten Great Gift Ideas for the Marijuana Enthusiast

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PHOTO: Huf Plantlife Christmas stockings

Searching for gift giving inspiration? Look no further! Here’s a list of ten great gifts ideas for the marijuana enthusiast in your life. Our guide includes a variety of unique gifts with diverse price-points to fit anyone’s budget.

Rolla-Shred_SledThe “connoisseur choice” for the joint or blunt lover, Rollaboards is a company based of out California and uses 100% organic bamboo as the sustainable source of their boards. Handmade with superior craftsmanship and respect for the environment, you can roll with style and class in an eco-conscious way with the Rolla Shred Sled ($49.95) or the Rollaboard ($20.00) with rolling space, paper dispenser, and a spot for your grinder. Also includes free complimentary set of rolling papers. What in the what what?!?


RollaWickRolla-wick & Beeline Hemp Wick
The handcrafted Black Palmwood Rolla-Wick ($4.20) is a great stocking stuffer for those wary of toxic inhalants, and includes five feet of beeline hempwick. Want more hempwick? Try the Bee Line Original Hempwick 200 ft Spool ($17.10).



Oil Slicks

SlickStackWe at the height of the dab craze and these colorful concentrate containers will be a godsend for the dabber in your life. These platinum cured/medical grade silicone slicks are “the purest product in the industry” for those wary of using plastic products. Stop losing product on wax paper and upgrade to save money and get the most out of your concentrates. This Slick Stack collection by Oil Slick ($22.50) includes three random colors per three pack, holds six grams, and is heatproof to 500 degrees.

Real Marijuana Seed & Stem Pendant

SeedStemPendantI was thrilled to find the jewelry retailer OzmaAutonomy (via Etsy) and loved her spin on unique pendant styles, like this Seed & Stem Pendant ($20.00). The artist also takes custom orders that can be made through her Etsy account if you’re looking for something more personalized for that special someone in your life.




Holiday Cookies in a Jar cookie jar
For those of us with limited budgets, homemade gifts are a great option that saves money but doesn’t skimp on thought or value. There are endless recipes and decoration ideas online (ahem, Pinterest) for inspiration. Buy a flat of mason jars, a few red handkerchiefs, some twine and call it good! Keep those munchies at bay! Click here for a recipe.



AtmosJr Atmos Vape Pens
The original Atmos Raw Vape Pen ($189.95)  is the ultimate gift that keeps giving in a discreet fashion. The Atmos Raw was selected as the first place winner in the High Times Magazine vape pen review, rating a perfect score for features like easiest pull and clearest taste. As one judge stated, “the closest a pen has come yet to doing a dab.” Proof is in the pudding, folks!

Made out of aluminum and stainless steel, with a stainless steel heating coil that reaches temperatures of 357F to 450F. It can be used for flowers, concentrates, or glycerin with a separate attachment.

The Atmos Junior Kit ($99.95) offers the same great quality in a smaller model at a lower price point. If you are located in the Southeast Portland area, Brightside medical marijuana dispensary currently has the Atmos Jr. in stock – stop by today and check out our vape pen packages and promotions!

GanjaKitchenRevolutionGanja Kitchen Revolution

Ladybud contributor Jessica Catalano’s Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine is a great gift for the budding cannabis chef in your life! Catalano’s book is published by Green Candy Press and she’s also the Food Columnist at SKUNK Magazine.

See more of her work in Ladybud Magazine!



HeadphonesGreenJoe Blow Glass Headphones
What marijuana enthusiast doesn’t have a passion for music? If you are looking to splurge on a loved one, Joe Blow Glass Headphones ($800.00) are it. They can be ordered online through MellowMood, a glass retailer based out of Portland, Oregon. I mean, what else is cooler than handblown glass headphones? My answer: not much of anything.




Pumpkin Mini Loaves
After dropping that eight hundred dollar bomb, I figured I’d better follow-up with another cost-conscious gift. Click here for the recipe, throw them in some cute packaging, and voila! Mini pumpkin loaves for everyone! 



Happy Daddy Dabber Tools
Useful for both flower users or dabbers, Happy Daddy Products cater to all your smoking needs. Based out of Beavercreek, Oregon, Happy Daddy Products makes all of their tools out of 304 L stainless steel and Grade 2 titanium quality materials.

BowlBuddyThe Bowl Buddy ($12.00) is a great tool for cleaning pipes and bowls, and comes with three blade surfaces – flat, concave, and convex – to clean bowls and rims. The opposite end is narrowed into a point to clear any blockage in your device. Happy Daddy’s Big Buddah in stainless steel ($12.00) or titanium ($24.00) has a small spoon to reach inside standard quartz vials on one end and a dabber tool on the other end, making it the ultimate tool for your loved ones’ dabbing needs.

Happy Holidays!