In Praise of Plants: A Poem

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PlantsFor those who fight for freedom for the plants
Let’s give some fruit and vegetables a chance
We detail strengths in on-line magazines
And spend time touting what the research means
Why not praise several other leafy greens?

When Prohibition’s pinned us to the ground
Remember we evolved with plants around
When arguing about our rights grows stale
Let’s fortify ourselves with plates of kale
Then place more protest letters in the mail

Deep down it seems that plants are on our side
And so we can ingest them all with pride
It’s good to think that flora make us strong
Whenever all our journeys feel too long
To leave us strength to find a rhyme for “bong”.

strawberryThe ground flax seed protects the prostate gland
(Please don’t dismiss the grinding out of hand)
The same seeds surely must be almost best
At keeping nasty tumors from the breast
(A reassuring thought for those who’ve stressed!)

So when we start our day with tasty fruit
And get our antioxidants to boot
We’ll find that plants provide a healthy base
To make each day much easier to face
So we can make the world a better place.