From Seed to Cure: A New Internet Radio Show

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A new internet radio show, From Seed to Cure Radio, launches today, November 16, at 9am PST.

The hour-long show is scheduled to run weekly, and plans to feature guests from advocates to experts to medical patients and parents. Listeners are encouraged to call in with questions and comments at (347) 215-6076.

This week’s show, hosted by Peter O’ Toole, Brandon Krenzler, Sierra Riddle, and Jim Powers, will discuss “forced chemotherapy” as pediatric cancer treatment, and alternative treatment using cannabis oil. This week’s special guest will be Mike Boutin, co-host of Cannabis Nation Radio, whose story was featured in the Discovery Channel series Weed Country.

Co-host and Ladybud Magazine writer Brandon Krenzler is the father of Brave Mykayla, a young girl fighting leukemia with the help of medical marijuana.

“This is the inaugural show of a weekly broadcast,” explains Krenzler. “It is the prelude to a documentary as well, called From Seed to Cure.”

Listen to the show online at Blog Talk Radio.