Mary Jane’s High Chair

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If you’re looking for a unique holiday gift for yourself or that special someone, we’ve got just the ticket: Mary Jane’s High Chair. Whether you’re a dispensary owner, cannabis activist, rock star, or just a plain old fan of ganja, this piece of functional art would fit right into any canna-centric design theme, indoors or out. As if the chair isn’t a cool enough gift itself, a portion of the sale price will be donated to the Coalition for Medical Marijuana – New Jersey (CMMNJ), a 501(c)3 advocacy group.

Created by Peter Stefferson, the chair was featured with a $10,000 price tag in The New York Times Home and Garden section in January of this year, and comes complete with a colorful history.


Ladybud Publisher Diane Fornbacher poses with the chair in Princeton

Mary Jane’s High Chair was originally commissioned for a California medical dispensary owner, who scrapped the deal while under the pressure of DEA scrutiny. Stefferson got a number of buyer inquiries following the Times article, and ended up striking a deal with an art connoisseur. Unfortunately, the chair ended up back in Stefferson’s hands once again when the buyer’s check didn’t clear.

So what’s an artist to do with an outsized chair featuring a patina’d potleaf, a tuba, and a giant crane?

At a recent benefit for CMMNJ, Stefferson brought the chair along as a special guest, offering to make a $1,000 donation to CMM-NJ upon the chair’s sale. The artist hopes that this donation, as well as a reduced price of $3,500, will motivate activists and canna-business owners to help spread the word and find Mary Jane’s High Chair a permanent home.

“CMMNJ is thrilled at local artist Peter Stefferson’s intention to donate part of the proceeds of the sale of Mary Jane’s High Chair  to our non-profit organization,” says Ken Wolski, executive director of CMMNJ. “We hope that it finds a happy home soon!”

Activists at the New Jersey event gushed over the chair, agreeing that it’s even more beautiful and impressive in person than the photos convey…And the photos are pretty freaking cool.

For more information, please contact Vanessa Waltz, CMM-NJ board member at 505-670-8319.