Chris Christie Plays Politics with New Jersey Medical Marijuana Law, Patients Suffer

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(Trenton, NJ) — It’s hard to know why NJ Republican Governor Chris Christie remains so popular ‘cuz the truth is, he’s a bona fide prick. And if you care about medical marijuana (and the larger “War on Drugs”), we think you’ll agree. Take New Jersey’s medical marijuana program for example. When New Jersey’s so-called “Compassionate Care” bill became law in January 2009, patients in the Garden State anticipated a 6 month roll-out the program’s implementation.   It’s seemed like a reasonable expectation that the program would be up and running within a year.  It’s been 3 1/2 years and New Jersey’s program is still not ready for Prime Time. Don’t just take my word for it, ask any of the thousands of sick and dying NJ residents who are still waiting to get this medicine.
Just don’t ask Diane Riportella.


Governor Christie is currently campaigning for reelection and he’s riding high in the polls. His march to a second term as governor may seem inexorable despite New Jersey’s lousy economy, but tonight’s Gubernatorial debate may give his Democratic opponent Barbara Buono an opportunity to score some points — especially if she nails Christie’s cruel incompetence administering New Jersey’s medical cannabis program.