Natural Remedy for Cold and Flu: Fire Cider

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Ladybud Magazine made a visit to Philadelphia’s famed Reading Terminal Market a few weeks ago and stopped by our favorite stand, Herbiary. They’ve got all kinds of great stuff there for the mind, body and soul.

We picked some up some homeopathic sleep aid, candles, a book on tea and a curious concoction in an old fashioned styled apothecary bottle called Fire Cider. With apple cider vinegar, honey, oranges, lemons, onions, horseradish root, ginger root, habanero pepper, garlic and turmeric – it packs a punch and as the bottle says, “mauls what ails you like a large bear on a cold winter night”.

And boy, does it! When taking Fire Cider, adults need take only 1 tbsp. First, it’s sour and sweet on the tongue but moments later, it is fiery through the nose and in the throat. It’s a good feeling though, the kind of feeling you want when a cold or flu is coating all your breathing mechanisms, depriving you of tasting things or making you feel so stuffed up, you are numbed out but in pain simultaneously. It feels good and like it’s doing something when you throw it down the hatch. It kind of gives a temporary flare to a fever but gives the feeling that it’s burning the illness out of you with supernatural power.

A little about the ingredients

Apple Cider vinegar has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties. Honey soothes the throat, sweetens the bite of the vinegar somewhat and is also known to have healing and antiseptic qualities. Equal measures of orange and lemon adds another flavorful dimension. Horseradish root is mixed in and has expectorant qualities and yes, antibiotic qualities (sense a theme?).  Habanero pepper is an essential ingredient but not overwhelming, just a touch enough to not be too hot but is rich in capsaicin, a powerful antioxidant, of which this pepper has abundantly.  Best of all, these ingredients are organically grown and rich in Vitamin C, which everyone knows is also great for the immune system generally but even better for fighting infection. On top of all that, there’s turmeric, a spice rich in curcumin which has high therapeutic and immune boosting qualities.

There’s a lot to say about this wonderful product’s ingredients and efficacy in hastening the body’s fighting response to healing itself but we must admit, we’re also suckers for the bottle. It’s so funny and awesome – a guy with an eye patch blowing hot smoke after biting an apple framed by hand drawn trees? When we’re done with this bottle, we’re gonna order a refill from Shire City Herbals.