Ten Beautiful & Unique Cannabis Accessories on Etsy

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PHOTO (above): Victorian Rose Hair Comb Silver in Pink by Smokies Toke Couture

Sacred Heart of Mary Jane Earrings

by Silverkind

“The Sacred Heart of Mary Jane” represents the highest love for the beautiful cannabis plant. The truly one-of-a-kind activist behind Silverkind jewelry is donating 10% of sales of this pair to Americans for Safe Access, a medical marijuana advocacy group based in D.C. Ladybud Publisher Diane Fornbacher owns another beautiful piece from this talented artist, a medical marijuana necklace that is just as beautiful and as well made as the earrings you see that benefited another great organization, The Coalition for Medical Marijuana New Jersey. Buying from Silverkind assures that purchases amplify your already existing beauty but also improve this world through cannabis symbolism and advocacy. We’re huge fans of these pieces because conscientious business is what we’re all about and the artist takes such pride in the art of creating the sure-to-be revered collectible works of art.

Amsterdamsel Leaf Clutch

by SnapDragonStyle

This sophisticated and understated yet clearly defined clutch is something we Ladybuds would show up toting at the 710 Cup. It’s handmade, black vegan leather (pleather? bavegeather? whatever!) and truly remarkable. It’s smart and oh so very in! Measuring 8”h by 13”w and 1.5”d, we could probably fit several bags of quality tea leaves in this with still enough room for our change purse and lip gloss.

Mary Jane Leaf Glitter Glasses

by TOASTEDProject

With All Hallow’s Eve approaching, some of us want to represent Our Lady Mary Jane by surrounding our orbs with leaves on one hand and passing the Dutchie on the left hand side with the other. With a price point of $6 for one pair of the light green AND basic green glasses (that’s two total for the math challenged), it’s a steal and can be used any other time you feel like walking around with verde-colored specs. If mom or pop question your choice in eyewear, just tell them it’s “Japanese maple leaves” or point them to some quality information about the cannabis plant.

Vintage Mexican Mixed Metals Leaf Pendant

from PaisleyBabylon

Crafted in Mexico at some indeterminate time in the past, this vintage copper, turquoise and sterling silver pendant celebrates the cannabis plant. On the other side, there’s a warrior wearing a headpiece so it’s actually a two-fer pendant. Since it is one-of-a-kind, you better hurry up and click like a wild person and get to etsy if you like it.

California Flag T-Shirt

by DirtyLaundryShirts

A bear, a play on the flag of one of the coolest states ever, a spark, flame, water pipe and flower smoke?


“Lotus” Earrings Filigree Folded in Antique Brass

by LuvCherie

These are listed as lotus leaves but they totally look like cannabis and helps us achieve a sense of nirvana too! They are reminiscent of the Star Fleet insignia so they’re a double plus. Geeky-weedy? We like the understated and sophisticated brown hue of antique brass. The color is great for fall but a winner for a year round bohemian look.

Copper Vine & Green Leaves Fantasy Crown

by tinymishaps

This copper crown can be worn upside down or right side up (which is which is anyone’s guess these days but we digress), and is super freaking fantastic prettttttttty! Little leaves dancing around your head while everyone stares in amazement at your delicately and beautifully adorned noggin. This is one of the pricier pieces in our smattering of cool cannabis accessories but you can totally rock this at your weed wedding or woodland faerie prom party as the Queen of Cannabis.

THC Molecule Necklace

by molecularmuse

THC is the main psychoactive chemical in cannabis and top shelf activists like Debby Goldsberry wear this necklace to show some cannabis love at events like the HIGH TIMES Cannabis Cups or various drug policy reform conferences around the world. Made from reclaimed silver, this necklace is a big hit in cannabis circles but isn’t a straight up pot leaf so you can wear it to that PTA meeting and only cool people will know what’s up. Represent!

Cannabis Chandelier Earrings with Rhinestone Czech Crystal

by Smokies Toke Couture

From one of our favorite Etsy stores, Smokies Toke Couture presents these classic and glamorous chandelier leaf earrings. They’re beautiful, aren’t they? Smokies also has a plethora of upscale high fashion accessories and worth a look if you’re seeking the pinnacle of cannabis fashion pieces.

Cannabis Leaf Wire Wrap Pendant

by keoops8

We really like this piece and have never seen such a chunky and cute copper cannabis leaf before. Even though it’s metal, it has a soft look with rounded edges. The spiral in the middle is a nice but simple center detail. It’s a really unique piece that would look great on a long black cord or a single strand of hemp.