Holder, Say It Like You Mean It: Federal Prisoner Eddy Lepp On Holder’s Legalization Statement

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PHOTO: An overcrowded prison, WatchDog.org

by Eddy Lepp, BOP Inmate #90157-011
Write to Eddy Lepp via La Tuna Federal Prison

To start, if you talk to those who have been in here awhile (that can be ten to twenty years or even more), they will all tell you the same thing “I been hearing that shit for years! Talk. Talk. Talk. That’s all they ever do.”

Sadly, history proves they are right.

Charles Edward "Eddy" Lepp in a photo taken at FCI Lompoc, in Southern California, 2011

Charles Edward “Eddy” Lepp in a photo taken at FCI Lompoc, in Southern California, 2011

Way too many times the rumor has started only to never materialize into fact. For many of those old timers, the first and only real changes they have seen in the last twenty or more years are the changes to the sentencing of crack versus powder cocaine.

This is truly a shame as so many lives are ruined or lost in this war, the War on Drugs, and the draconian sentences produced in it’s futile mission of eliminating drugs and drug use.

Many of the men in here are fathers who I listen to all the time complaining about their children being in trouble with the law, dropping out of school, disrespecting those around them and joining the gangs. So many are sickened at there failure to be there, to have the ability to try to teach their children that there is more to life and life is better spent on the outside.

Too many complain that the kids don’t listen to what they have to say because Daddy makes the call from Federal prison.

One must ask, can you blame them?

I’m not sure I would have loved, listened to and followed my own father’s advice if he would have been giving it to me over a phone from prison instead of in the car as we drove around together or shared a moment in the backyard as we had a BBQ with the rest of our loving family.

What the over all cost of this false War on Drugs will be can only be guessed at now. It will be many many years in the future before we can look back and gauge the true cost in pain and suffering to the fabric of this once great nation.

As my Darling wife Linda points out every once in a while, “Eddy, you’re not the only damn one in prison, so am I.”

“Eddy, you’re not the only damn one in prison, so am I.”

Sadly, she is just one of hundreds of thousands sitting at home in prison.

When will the government quit using its citizens as fodder to keep their cash cow alive and well? Because, that really is the sole purpose of the War on Drugs, to allow the government to steal left and right at the taxpayer’s expense.

GREENAIDcpsladybud1The War on Drugs allows the funding of countless wars, takeovers, and overthrows of any weaker country the government chooses to interfere with. Regardless of the right or wrong of it.

The CIA and the DEA are thought of by many, if not all, to be the two biggest drug dealers in the world, just ask Ollie North.

We must ask ourselves just how serious Holder and his boss Obama are. Do they really wish to end this un-winnable senseless war? If so I and many others in here believe it is time to put it in writing and release all of us being held for non-violent marijuana crimes.

The lies have gone on for years it is time for real change. We as a nation have reached and surpassed the tipping point. It is time we stand up and insist they finally do something real, not just talk. Please get involved not just with the War on Drugs but take time to look at the rest of the mess.

While the rhetoric is a step in the right direction, we all deserve real change, and I hope for it every day I serve this ten-year sentence.