Best Of Colorado Cannabis Street Fashion

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PHOTO: Tanya Armstrong, stylist at Rebel Salon, Denver, CO

Cannabis cultural events usually attract a laid back crowd that is similarly leisurely dressed. Before  reaching for the “fancy” t-shirt, jeans or hat to wear to one of the marijuana themed events near you, earn some cannabis style street cred and wear one of these great looks from the best of Colorado fashion instead.

Tanya Armstrong stylist at Rebel Salon, 3358 Larimer St., Denver, CO 80205

Tanya Armstrong, stylist at Rebel Salon and friend to next door neighbor, Hoodlab, has made a name for herself with her edgy and bold hairstyles. Tanya’s fresh urban style creatively pushes beyond the edge of cool.

She utilizes vivid colors, feathers and hair tinsel to make custom hair styles that will turn heads.  The color options are seemingly limitless and Tanya is always coming up with amazing combinations inspired by anything and everything, such as a plumage of exotic birds, or the yellow, green and black of the Jamaican flag and even springtime pastels or red and amber shades for fall.

Style is more than skin deep, Tanya is also hip to health food, so swap your favorite hemp seed and gluten free recipes with her.


 Rockmount Ranch Wear, 1626 Wazee St., Denver, CO, 80202

At every event in Denver, somebody will show up in a cowboy shirt.

Rockmount Ranch Wear defines fashion in Colorado. The original snap button shirt is a classic look as well as comfortable and dressy.

Rockmount clothing began as dress wear for notoriously independent cowboys. It’s not just clothing designed for cowboys, the spirit of independence and old-west American self-determination run throughout the company.

Jack Weil, the founder of this third-generation family company, worked as company CEO until he retired at age 107. Nowadays, Rockmount shirts are worn by rock and country musicians (like Bob Dylan!) and many artists stop in the historic downtown Denver shop during tour stops.

If you also have a fiercely independent spirit, and want to dress like a stylish musician, wear a Rockmount shirt.


Limited Edition Amendment 64 Hats by Sexy Pizza, Two Denver Locations

Sexy Pizza fuels the drug reform movement by donating proceeds of pizza pie sales to one of four non-profit marijuana reform groups. Last year’s donations totaled $11,000.

In the height of election fever, Sexy Pizza collaborated with Grassroots California to create a limited edition Amendment 64 baseball hat.  n either a fitted black or adjustable snap style in natural, each hat is made with hemp fabric and embroidered logos from the Amendment 64 campaign, Grassroots and Sexy Pizza and a green cannabis leaf peeking out the back.

The inside of the hat is a shiny satin liner featuring the logos of six organizations, including the four non-profits SAFER, LEAP, SSDP and Sensible Colorado, who contributed money and volunteers to the 64 campaign. Inside the liner is a stash pocket for your now legal stash. Grassroots hats usually retail at $42 but these are available for $25 at the sexy shop at


Hemp Hoodlamb clothing @ Hoodlab, 3354 Larimer St., Denver, CO, 80205

Hemp Hoodlamb, a hemp clothing company from Amsterdam, set up the North American flagship store, Hoodlab, in Denver.

Hoodlamb has been making innovative and casual hemp clothing and their line of signature cold-weather gear since 1993. Hemp Hoodlamb continues to develop hemp fiber technologies like the luxuriously soft fur made from hemp and recycled PET plastic, often used as a liner for the winter clothing line.

In addition to ground breaking environmental fabrics, Hemp Hoodlamb extends environmental concern to marine wildlife by supporting Sea Shepherd, an international nonprofit dedicated to ocean conservation.  Hemp Hoodlamb outfits the crew of the Sea Shephard with winter proof coats, and a donation to the non-profit is made with every purchase of Sea Shephard merchandise.

Show your commitment to urban  style and care for the earth by wearing Hemp Hoodlamb.