What A Difference 24 Hours Makes In Marijuana Policy Reform

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PHOTO: Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signing the medical marijuana legislation into law this week.

It’s been quite a 24-hour period for marijuana policy reform.

On both the national and international level, marijuana prohibition is being slowly chipped away. Today, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed HB1 into law, making Illinois the 20th U.S. state, plus Washington, D.C. to establish a medical marijuana program.

This means that approximately 114,700,000 Americans now live in a state or jurisdiction that has a medical marijuana program. Less than 20 years ago, there was not one state in the U.S. that had a medical marijuana program.

Confusion still exists however, because according to the Federal government, there is no such thing as “medical” marijuana. Tell that to those 114,700,000 Americans and the 85 percent of us who support the use of marijuana for therapeutic reasons. […Read More]