What Exactly Is A “Marijuana Mom?”

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What exactly is a “Marijuana Mom?”

The answer to that question is not obvious; most individuals will automatically assume if you are a mother or father for marijuana, medical or recreational, you are a no-good stoner who doesn’t contribute to society.

This stigma has become the norm after 70+ years of federal hemp and cannabis prohibition, what began with a racist, profiteering agenda has become a world-wide epidemic of inequality and terror. This is just one part of the modern Drug War.

Parents who avoid the pharmaceutical path and make the choice to treat themselves and their children with plant-based medicines are seen as parents of questionable integrity. They risk losing their children, their homes, their family and their normal life. Parents who speak out about the benefits of the cannabis plant, or take the life path of advocating for it, are commonly victims of paramilitary home invasions in the middle of the night.

A mom for marijuana makes a choice and takes a stand. A mother for marijuana understands the importance of this plant for not only themselves or their family, but for all of mankind. These mothers know we have been lied to, that one of Mother Nature’s most useful creations has been unnecessarily demonized and taken from us. These mothers stand up and speak out, no matter the risk.

"Cancer doesn't have to be scary." - Mykayla Comstock, 8

“Cancer doesn’t have to be scary.” – Mykayla Comstock, 8

My fiance, Erin Purchase, chose to treat her daughter Brave Mykayla with the most controversial plant medicine known, cannabis. To her amazement,  Mykayla’s leukemia went into remission the first week of cannabinoid therapy.

Did she keep this information private? On the contrary, she spoke out from the tops of mountains, if you will. Though she risked losing the family she cherishes, and the life she loves, the respect of her friends and family members abroad and imprisonment, she stood and proudly told Mykayla’s amazing story.

Yes, she was scared; it is unnerving to know  you are in the national spotlight over something so illegal and controversial, but to also admit you gave pot to your 7-year-old daughter, that’s another story… That took a truly dedicated and determined heart.

Many mothers have not been so fortunate when it comes to modern activism and have found themselves looking down the barrel of semi-automatic weaponry in the middle of the night, surrounded by men in black bulletproof battle armor, while their children were hustled out the door on the way to a secret state placement. With tears streaming and sobs escaping their mouth, they wonder if they will ever see their children again.

“When I first became a vocal pro marijuana activist, I felt both empowered and terrified. I would lay awake at night and imagine a SWAT team with masks and guns crashing through my door and screaming and crying and lots of fear.”

Robin Schneider- Mother and Marijuana Activist

Being a mother for marijuana is not Hollywood, it is real life; there are no scripts, no cameras, no paycheck, and no luxury. Being one of these mothers means hard work, dedication and a lot of hatred directed at you for your choices. Being a mother for marijuana is the most controversial mother there is. They have to maintain an impeccable public image and reputation, should a woman fail at this task, they will swiftly be stripped of their children and a normal life. They are not “pot-moms” who smoke weed to kill the stress, they heal themselves and their children’s afflictions with cannabis, they understand medical terminology and speak it as a second language after suffering through a trying life.

“As a mother, I am going to try anything before she can potentially fall on the other side.”

Erin Purchase- Mother and Marijuana Activist

These days the mothers in our movement are the most vulnerable to attack from the authorities. The children services system relentlessly proceeds with witch hunts to roust the “pot-moms” in their area as easy prey. Real-life does not happen in a studio, there are no do-overs.

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