Dear Chris Christie: Why Are You Preventing A Mother From Helping Her Suffering Toddler?

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“I’m very concerned, if we go down this slope of allowing minors to use this, where does it end?” – New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie

Dear Chris Christie,

Meghan Wilson and her daughter Vivian. Vivian suffers from a rare form of eplipsy, Dravet's Syndrome, and seizures up to 100 times a day.

Meghan Wilson and her daughter Vivian. Vivian suffers from a rare form of eplipsy, Dravet Syndrome, and seizures up to 15 times a day.

In the land of Big Pharma, New Jersey, home to over 15 Major Pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Bradley Pharmaceuticals and Merck & Co., you Governor Chris Christie, have decided to take a stand against the family of a beautiful little girl, Vivian.

I, as a father and an American, am so tired of and offended by politicians in powerful positions abusing their voter-approved authority to completely ignore our basic human rights, given to all men, women, and children. The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

How unpatriotic of you Governor Christie, to stand in the way of Vivian Wilson’s attempt at a quality of life worth living. Why should she have to suffer at your whims, because you have a closed mind?

In the news you stand with a smirk on your face as you deliver a statement that condemns this girl to more days of suffering unnecessarily. Shame on you Governor, you are the father of four children: Andrew, Maggie, Patrick and Bridget. I pray your children never have to suffer from a debilitating disease, but not every parent is so lucky.

For one moment take a step back from your podium of power and put yourself in Brian Wilson’s place. You are now the father of a daughter who suffers from a rare form of epilepsy called Dravet Syndrome. Dravet syndrome is a severe myoclonic epilepsy of which the onset occurs in infancy.

Those with Dravet may have upwards of 100 seizures per day. How would you handle this Mr. Christie? You would seek help from doctors, attempt seizure medications, diet changes, shuttering one eye during every waking moment. What happens when all of these things fail? Would you stand idly by and watch her suffer? Would you let Bridget suffer? Would you stop being Governor to be there for her every time she fell to the ground while uncontrollably convulsing?

Would you suffer through it with your child, or would you try something unconventional like so many others? You may chuckle and say “never!” But if the situation arose, and you had to experience what we and many other parents have had to, then I’m sure you would have a change of heart. Maybe you would be more inclined to allow your child to have medical cannabis because it actually works.

Mr. Christie, children all over America are using medical cannabis, and it’s a good thing. I do not understand what slope you speak of when it comes to children using cannabis, my daughter benefits phenomenally from using cannabis daily.

My daughter, Brave Mykayla Comstock, was diagnosed with leukemia July 14, 2012. Her mother, Erin Purchase and I knew exactly what we had to do when we were told her diagnosis; we set out on the task of getting Mykayla her Oregon medical marijuana card.

My daughter, Mykayla Comstock, uses medical cannabis to get through chemotherapy. Her message is clear: cancer doesn't have to be scary.

My daughter, Mykayla Comstock, used medical cannabis to get through chemotherapy. Her message is clear: cancer doesn’t have to be scary.

To this day we do not regret for a moment our decision made in haste, I cannot think of another medicine that would even come close to effectively supplying such relief with no side effects attached other than happiness and hunger- both things are lost when undergoing chemotherapy at 7-years-old.

Our daughter does not have to use the plethora of pharmaceutical medications prescribed to her to ease the side effects of chemotherapy. We use just one thing, cannabis. This whole-plant extract oil has taken the place of five medications commonly prescribed to leukemia patients.

Our daughter’s story ignited a fire that has spread from parent to parent, it is the fire of hope. Hope for options, hope for health for their children. This hope is the bane of pharmaceutical corporations all over because these children are no longer reliant on conventional medicine. These children do not have to suffer, they do not have to waste away, or experience injuries both internal and external.

Governor Christie, the citizens of New Jersey have spoken. Consider this a demand or consider it a plea, from a parent who knows these parents are doing the right thing, who are you to stand in the way of a child recieving a chance at the quality of life every human deserves?

If you truly want New Jersey to be a compassionate state, then start by showing compassion to the Wilson family, listen to them, they speak from the heart. Meet this family, say hello to Vivian, look her in the eyes and maybe you’ll see she is worth it, she is worth the change of heart you would have to have to help this family.


Brandon Krenzler