NSFW: How To Tuck Your Junk For Drag

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A lot goes into the temporary illusion of transforming oneself from male to female. You have to get the body together (and yes, I am talking about Nair). You have to spend a good deal of money on the look, and you have to create a fucking work of art on the face.

But the most basic element of this illusion is tucking that pee pee!

There are ways to “soften” a tuck, so to speak.

Personally, I almost always feature real skin with a miniskirt, with one or two competition speedos for support, and silicone hips and butt on the sides and the back, respectively. I consider this my “day-to-day” tuck, and it’s the most comfortable, the lycra is so tight I can just hotdog myself, and the spandex holds everything in place. The way the fabric of a miniskirt drapes, pretty much everything is hidden but the one inch mound of flesh. Yes that was a Hedwig reference.

Those spandex bodysuits are not a friend of a tuck! Obviously when featuring a loose-fitting gown with any kind of volume one probably would not have to even tuck at all. I guess I should take a moment to promise to all of you here and now, that I, Dorita Free2Lay, will never feature a gown.

I used to tape, but the truth is it hurts way too much– as in for many days after the fact. Basically, my penis is taped up inside my butthole. I tape from base of the cock all the way up the shaft, on both sides. I use medical tape, as it works the best on the skin. Sometimes I use two different kinds, experiment and see what works for you!

If you really have to get it together, then break out the duct tape. I have seen queens backstage at pageants duct tape themselves from pubic bone to the very top of their ass crack. Both of one’s testes are basically pushed upside the body cavity. It’s not that big of a deal- they could go up there whenever they want. But after you get your nuts inside of you just a little tape will hold them, so long as you have some sort of tight-fitting undergarment.

Camille Tow and her infamous "moose knuckle."

Camille Tow and her infamous “moose knuckle.”

The only downside to taping aside from the discomfort is you can never really close your legs all the way or it crushes your nuts. This kind of a tuck means standing all night- -all the better to turn out some fierce poses! You can always find a hot man and lean on him all night! If you’re going for a real transgendered look you can superglue the the skin on the front of your pubic area together. From the front and the back it looks like a real vagina. 

One of the upsides of taping is you can pee as many times as you want! That is quite a luxury to a drag queen. I remember the first time I taped her up I peed three times in a night! You have to sit down the way a real girl does, yet it’s a small price to pay for that convenience. Obviously, Dorita is like a Barbie doll down there, but if she had to worry about body hair the medical tape won’t pull out too much upon removal.

I don’t wear pantyhose, but most queens just flip their dick and balls down (sometimes the balls stay in the front depending on size) and then put on multiple pairs of hose and some tight panties to hold everything together.

Depending on the size of your member, he may or may not end up in your butt. Most of my friends are big, and watching them go in on that dick is truly breathtaking. I was never the same after experiencing the magic that is Camille Tow’s Moose Knuckle…