Power Walking Suburban Moms Love To Puff Before Exercising

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Janey*, age 47, and Amanda*, age 42, recently contacted Ladybud Magazine and invited us out for a quick power walk in their upper middle class, suburban Philadelphia neighborhood to talk about their cannabis use. Janey’s two children, a boy and a girl, are 7 and 10. Amanda has one tween-aged daughter. Both women are professionally employed, and do not have criminal records.

LADYBUD: How do you choose to consume cannabis?:

JANEY: I go to my room, lock the door and put on the fan.  I get my yoga pants on, sneakers, what have you…and I get out a pretty glass pipe I got in Philly that I store high on a closet shelf.  I take a puff or two to prep for the walk with Amanda. Sometimes she joins me.

AMANDA: Sometimes I smoke at my house before I go over to Janey’s place. Usually, I go to the basement and crack open the side door. I have some incense I light while I’m doing it.

LB: Aren’t you worried you’ll get cotton mouth while you’re walking?

A: I bring lemon water with me.

J: I love using marijuana before a speed walk with Amanda.  It doesn’t seem like a chore, exercising is more pleasant. I don’t even mind the temperature when it gets hot out.

A: A friend of mine talked about salve for sore muscles, is that legit?

LB: Yes, there are all kinds of ways a person can apply the relieving properties of cannabis to their bodies. There are some really great muscle rubs available in medical and legal states that include arnica, eucalyptus, and many other combinations of healing plants.

A: That is seriously awesome. I love plants. I can’t wait for Pennsylvania to do that!

LB: Pennsylvania lawmakers are considering full cannabis legalization, actually. State Senators have introduced Senate Bill 528 to legalize and regulate the adult use of marijuana. Representative Mark Cohen has filed legislation that is pending to make it possible for patients to access medical cannabis. [TAKE ACTION IN PENNSYLVANIA]

J: I had no idea. That is really something.

LB: People not in the know make the general and uninformed assumption that those who are consuming cannabis are inebriated, do you believe this to be the case for yourselves?

J: No, not at all! I mean I might laugh a lot or go off on tangents about my day or feelings but I’m not intoxicated or falling all over the place. In fact, I found I am more coordinated and joyful about exercise.

LB: Do either one of you consume alcohol?

J: I do but I’m not a heavy drinker. At parties, I’ll have a few or when it’s hot out, I’ll have a cold beer. I don’t drink before I exercise though, that wouldn’t make any sense.

A: I don’t drink at all. I love marijuana. I like to eat it more than anything but it’s so expensive around here.

LB: Where do you get your marijuana?

A: I know people.

J: Me, too. Doesn’t everyone?

A: I want to get hooked up with Michael Phelps’ dealer. I could probably win some medals!

J: That’s right, he won how many medals?

LB: Twenty two. He’s the most decorated Olympian of record.

A: No shit!

LB: Shit you not.

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LB: So, where are your kids right now?

J: Both my kids are at home with their father and they are probably doing chores.

A: My daughter’s at home practicing cello.

LB: Do you talk to your kids about marijuana? Do they know you use it?

A: My daughter knows it’s not a bad thing. I have talked with her about it when it shows up on TV and people are using it. I asked her what she thought and she said it seems to make people really hungry. I told her sometimes people use it when they’re sick and have a hard time eating, but other people use it to relax. It still makes people hungry though, no matter what. I never directly told her I use it.

J: I talk to my kids about drugs and plants. I tell them there are both good medicines and good plants and bad kinds too. You can get sick if you take a bad medicine or eat a bad plant. They know I think marijuana is a good medicine and plant but no, I have never told them. I don’t really know if I should at this point.

LB: Some children express a favorable opinion at school about cannabis when their parents are honest. Are you concerned that simply believing the plant is beneficial may cause problems for your family through the school?

J: Oh god, I never thought of that. Do you think that could happen?


A: I read in Ladybud there was a woman with Multiple Sclerosis who got her kids taken away from her because she was using marijuana to help ease her symptoms.

LB: That’s true. The woman you’re referring to is Lindsey Rinehart from Boise, Idaho. This happens a lot in many places though, including Pennsylvania.

A: That is just wrong.

J: I agree. Where do the cops get off doing that to people?

LB: The law allows it. The laws have to be changed by people in order for the police to stop arresting people for marijuana.

A: I think it’s so crazy, the whole thing. Our President seems to have really enjoyed marijuana when he was younger.

J: I think he was a member of a pothead gang. (giggles)

LB: It was called the ‘Choom Gang.’

A: What?

LB: ‘Choom Gang.’

A: That sounds kind of stupid.

J: He was probably in high school.

A: That might explain it.

LB: Well, ladies, it’s been real but I’ve actually got to go home and get my kids ready for bed. Really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us and be careful. Consuming cannabis shouldn’t be a crime but it is. Stay free if you can.

J: No problem! We love Ladybud!

A: Thank you. I’m going to learn more about the laws. I am not a criminal.

* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of the moms interviewed.