REVIEW: Runa Guayasa Tea

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This tea is great for those all night study sessions or days when you need a more focused, long-lasting drive than coffee can provide. Guayasa is a native Amazonian tree leaf indigenous to Ecuador. One tea bag of Runa Tea provides the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee with twice the antioxidants of tea.

When you are really busy, its easy to get so flustered and procrastinate over the stress you are causing just thinking about taking on your task list. It is also easy to overdose on coffee or drown your poor liver in gross synthetic energy drinks when you are trying to get too much done. They dehydrate you, makes you jittery, give you dramatic crashes and stop working so well when you drink them too often.

There is something about the ritual of drinking a cup of hot tea that forces you to slow down, meditate and focus. A good fresh cup of guayasa is a great ritual for calming your nerves and focusing in on a plan of attack. Plus tea packs health benefits as compared to energy drinks, and is a much more sustainable practice.

Runa teas come in a variety of great flavors to appease all palettes (we love the cinnamon and lemongrass!) and are a guilt free purchase: the company’s founders Tyler and Dan have made it their mission to produce the teas in Ecuador and generate economic benefits for the local farmers while still being economically affordable, fair trade and generally ethically produced.

So sit down, pour yourself a cup, breath and get back to work!