REVIEW: Tea Tree Therapy Toothpaste

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These days, all sorts of gross stuff ends up in your toothpaste–detergents, chemicals, additives, artificial sweeteners and even pesticides! If you wouldn’t want to eat it, why would you want to smear it all over your teeth?

Unfortunately, the hardest part to switching away from processed chemical products to natural ones is finding one that works and is within budget. So many natural toothpastes available in stores today taste funny or don’t leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. That being said, it takes a while to adjust to not having chemical products giving you the “quick fix” clean you are accustomed to feeling.

Tea Tree Therapy toothpaste feels clean and uses natural parsley oil to freshen breath and baking soda to whiten teeth. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic that kills germs and other bacteria in your mouth. It is found in the Eucalyptus Tree, which is a native Australian plant. Eucalyptus was brought by Spanish Conquistadors to California and other parts of the Pacific Coast and is readily available in the United States (although there is a movement underway to eradicate them as they are invasive to native coastal plants). All of Tea Tree Therapy’s products are made with a homeopathic focus, so this toothpaste does not contain mint.

Tea Tree Therapy is a small business, located in Ventura, CA but ships to anywhere in the country and is reasonably priced. Try it a week, we know you will convert!