REVIEW: Humboldt Hemp Wicks

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Hemp wicks have been around forever, but are just gaining steam as a lighter-alternative among marijuana smokers, but wicks are great for so many other reasons too!

CANDLES: We all love candles (here at Ladybud we have become quite partial to Vedge Candles). Ever burned yourself lighting a birthday cake for someone who has just gotten too old to leave the lighter burning in your hand that long? Burned your own hand trying to get it deep into a candle jar and light the wick? Hemp wicks make it easy to get into the bottom of that jar or work your way across an aging person’s birthday cake without burning yourself.

THE ENVIRONMENT: Sure, it is a small way to help save Mother Earth, but not insignificant. Butane, which fuels most commercial cigarette lighters, is bad for your health and the environment. Like other fossil fuels, the combustion of butane (aka burning) releases COinto the atmosphere, which contributes to the increase in global climate temperature. Yes, the amount of butane used to light a cigarette, candle, or hit of weed is minimal but it is not insignificant over time. 

YOUR HEALTH: Burning fossil fuels is bad for the environment, but it’s bad for your health too. Inhaling butane is inhaling a certified poison.

Finally, if you are smoking weed the butane found in a lighter often covers the taste or creates harsher hits. When you use a hemp wick, all you taste is the flavor of the marijuana, furthering the enjoyment and noted differences you get from strain to strain. There are a few different brands out there but we like Humboldt Hemp Wicks, especially since they also offer beautiful hand-blown glass holders/burners.