REVIEW: Sation Nail Lacquer “Love At First Byte”

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When this popped up in my Ipsy Glam Bag, I was less than pleased. Pink is not really my favorite color and definitely not a grown up one to pretend to be professional in.

To my pleasant surprise, it is probably one of the cleanest, muted-yet-noticeable colors I have ever put on my nails. It takes two coats but really just looks like your nails are blushing– not Barbie girly pink. It’s a fresh spring color that can dress up or dress down easily for  playing outside in the nice weather or professional or formal events.

It goes great with all looks, and is light enough that when it starts chipping you can hardly notice it.

Every girlfriend that has been over in the last couple weeks for a hit off the pipe and a glass of wine has ended up sitting on the floor with me doing a self-manicure in this color. There is a mini army of glam girls trouping around Berkeley rockin’ this shade right this minute!