LADY BUSINESS: Maggie of Vedge Candle

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Vedge Candle is a Pacific Northwest company and the brainchild of a new friend I have yet to meet in person, Maggie. Vedge Candles are premium quality soy candles made in beautiful, reusable Weck Jars.

From their website:

“ Exceptionally fragrant without being overpowering, these are made for the compassionate, eco-conscious, practical consumer.”

Maggie’s story rings true for those of us who want to find a way to make an income and stay at home to raise our children. Through hard work, determination, a huge sprinkling of creativity and family support, Maggie has made it happen. You can find out more about her personal story here, but I’ll give you a teaser:

“I started making candles in the early 90’s and since then, I’ve grown to appreciate the hard work, passion and excitement that comes from finding a creative outlet and turning it into a business.

Candles are one of the little luxuries I afforded myself when I was raising four small children. There was something about the end of the day, turning out the lights, and lighting up the candles that gave me peace and serenity between night-time feedings and before the sun came up.”

Maggie’s unique twist on a product already available in many other forms, a candle, is what has made me a convert. You won’t find any other candle burning in my house, and I am a candle burner, for sure. I was already familiar with Weck jars and soy candles, but had never found the two combined.

I am a big fan of supporting local businesses, which Vedge Candle is to me here in Portland, OR. But, I cannot lie, I placed my first order to support a family business which had become part of my family. My candles arrived so quickly I didn’t even get a chance to forget I had ordered them. The love and care that goes into making these candles was evident from the moment I saw the box waiting on my porch. Opening it was like Christmas.  The packaging was simple, clean and elegant, just like the candles. And, Maggie includes a little gift in every order. I felt spoiled and pampered before I even lit one up!

100% soy, dye-free and cruelty-free, each candle is made with only sustainable ingredients. In fact, the soy in your Vedge Candle was likely in the ground less than a year ago, on a farm in the Midwestern United States.

You can get your candles scented or unscented with wood or cotton wicks. Every scent I have tried is rich and full without being overbearing.  Simply put – they are delicious! My favorites are Garden Path and the new Bonsai Breeze. But, really, they are all exquisite.

Their design is as clean as the burn, with no distracting embellishments to interfere with your decor, which also makes them even easier to clean and reuse. With their air tight lids, these jars are perfect for storing herbs, if you know what I mean. In addition to more traditional uses, I also use them for my homemade cannabis salve.

I wanted to learn more about Maggie and Vedge Candles, so I could share this eco-friendly, woman-owned and crazy cool company with all you LadyBuds. I am grateful to Maggie for taking the time to visit. Try Vedge Candles, and you will be a convert, too!

Using my leftover weck jars to hold my homemade cannabis salve.

Using my leftover weck jars to hold my homemade cannabis salve.

ANNA DIAZ: Vedge Candle is so unique. Please tell us what inspired you and how Vedge Candle got started. 

MAGGIE: I am a practical person. I like to reuse things whenever I can. It makes me feel like I’ve stretched my dollar as far as possible, and dollars are hard-earned. I used to buy candles and stack up the jars, always intending to reuse them. I discovered that many were made of cheap glass that broke easily, and many of the candles left a lot of wax behind in the jar. This made them hard to clean, and hard to reuse. I decided to learn to make candles that burned better, and had a better quality jar that could be reused more easily.

AD: What has been your biggest success so far?

M: I would say mastering candle making, because I literally taught it to myself. I learned about it inside and out over the years through a lot of trial and error. I consider this my biggest success because without the ability to make a great candle, I wouldn’t have a business, and I did it on my own.

AD: What motivates you to keep going when it gets tough? 

M: Some days are better than others in business, but I know each new day will bring new thoughts, inspiration and action. And it always does. I also look at what I’ve achieved so far, and it reminds me that I’ve already picked myself up and dusted myself off more than a few times along the way, and to keep doing it.

AD: What is the one thing you would want other women to know who are interested in starting a business?

M: Don’t think about it anymore, do it!  Women can be their own worst enemy in terms of confidence. Always listen to the thoughts in your head. If they are mainly negative ones, they are what have been holding you back. If it seems daunting, look at the big companies and remember they all started out small.

AD: How do you balance working for yourself and make time for yourself and your family and friends?

M: It’s tough, and I will say I work a lot. My business is in my thoughts even when I’m not working. I keep my sense of humor though, and try not to take it all too seriously. The answer for me is to remind myself that life can’t be all work, even if you love what you do. Down-time energizes the mind, and gives it a rest so that new inspiration can keep coming. When I find myself getting burned out, I go outside, ride my bike, listen to music and spend time laughing with people I love. Most importantly, I find time to spend alone. One of my favorite quotes is “Women need real moments of solitude to balance out how much of ourselves we give away.”

AD: What’s coming up for Vedge Candle?

M: We have partnered with other like-minded retailers so you’ll see Vedge Candle more and more, especially online. Modern consumers are looking for organic, reusable products, made with sustainable materials, and it’s getting much easier to find them as companies update their methods and ingredients to meet the demand.


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