Consumer Confidential: Hemp Hearts by Manitoba Harvest

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Do you eat hemp? You should. Hemp seed is a super food, it contains all necessary macronutrients, complete protein and healthy polyunsaturated fats. Hemp seed meat tastes simple, sweet and nutty. Thankfully, getting the amazing healthy benefits of hemp is so easy with shelled hemp seeds.

Shelled hemp seed is one of the best innovations in hemp food. There are several brands of shelled hemp seeds, all of comparable and consistent high quality. I like them all, but I like the warmth of Hemp Hearts as a product name. So I tend to buy Hemp Hearts. Who loves you? Hemp loves you!

Hemp Hearts makes eating healthier plain and easy. My standard recipe for instant health food is fix whatever I’m eating and then right before serving,  I sprinkle some Hemp Hearts on the dish. With three tablespoons sprinkled on top, a boost of 10 grams of complete protein and 11 grams of polyunsaturated Omega oils, in the perfect 3:1 ratio, gets added to the meal. Simple and easy. For more hemp nutritional information, go here.

A remedial reminder: You cannot get high from eating hemp food. You cannot eat hemp and test positive for THC. Any sensation of being high or stoned is purely a placebo effect. It’s fun to pretend though.

Manitoba Harvest, was founded in 1998, with the goal of educating consumers and manufacturing the highest quality hemp foods. Their ethics and social responsibility are part of the company structure. For example, one of Manitoba Harvest’s company commitments is to use organic and non-GMO food sources. You can be happy knowing your consumer purchasing power is supporting a conscious company and industrial hemp agriculture in North America.

So, start eating hemp regularly! Hemp Hearts are available in health food stores and vitamin and supplement stores. Go to Manitoba’s site for more  information or to order your own Hemp Hearts.