Diane Fornbacher’s Five Beauty Essentials

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Virgin Coconut Oil

The only ingredient is simply coconut oil and I am totally okay with that. Not only do I not mind smelling like a breezy beach drink, but I revel in it! I get mine in a jar from the local Asian grocery mart ($3 for 17 oz!) but you can find it pretty much anywhere.  It’s sometimes fully creamy when it’s a little cooler but since it’s spring, mine’s half creamy and half oily. I smooth it all over my body after a shower and pat any excess gently with my towel before getting dressed. My skin is supple all day long and there’s a lovely inspirational and cozy aura of the tropics as I go about my day. Mmm, coconutty!

Biolage Hydrathérapie Shampoo + Conditioning Balm Combo by MatrixScreen shot 2011-02-28 at 6.38.17 PM

I have stick straight, fine hair so it either gets weighed down or dried out rather easily. I’ve found just the right combination of a light, non-aggressive shampoo and rich but even and weightless conditioner. They both have a fragrance that is lightly fruity and floral. Biolage Hydrating Shampoo has aloe and passion fruit for continual moisturizing and is paraben-free. Sometimes when I’ve gone a few weeks past a reasonable cut and style, combing through my dampened hair with Hydrathérapie Conditioning Balm can buy me some time, calming split ends until I get back to the salon.

300Pharmagel Botanical Tonique

Alcohol and fragrance free, this spray facial toner has wonderful ingredients to calm your delicate flesh and enliven your visage with a gently cooling and pore-reducing light delivery. Infused with passion flower and extracts of comfrey, rosemary, arnica, chamomile, bergamot and witch hazel makes me feel really good about this all-natural toner. I used to buy straight up witch hazel with an alcohol base and though I appreciate witch hazel for pore reduction, it was a little strong-smelling and burned a little because of the alcohol. Pharmagel Botanical Tonique has no smell and doesn’t tingle or burn at all. Before I apply daily moisturizer, I let the toner air dry (dabbing my eyelids with a towel immediately after applying) and it feels so awesome and fresh.

Dr. Bronner’s- Peppermint Organic Bar Soap1003855_223615_A_400

A combination of organic extra virgin coconut, olive, jojoba and hemp oils, the feature scent here is obviously peppermint oil and it should be called “Wakin’ Up Soap”. I swear that I could have been in a boxing match, totally hungover and stung by bees and this soap would open my eyes. It’s refreshing and tingly – and I mean really tingly, so if your parts can’t handle the rush, you might want to just sniff it at work when you need a pick me up (though co-workers might think you have other problems) and not bathe with it. For me, I enjoy waking up in the mornings and refreshing with it after a long day.

Warning: Hurts when in eyes but holy shit, you will be the MOST awake ever and possibly fall in the tub when panicking, so stay calm and keep it out of your eyes. Trust me, a “friend” told me this and she’s totally legit.