Jessica Rasmussen’s Five Beauty Essentials

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I’m a label reader. When I read the ingredient lists of most ‘natural’ products, I find myself discouraged and often times shocked. So many companies are cashing in on the market demand for natural care products but so few of them are actually making their products with safe, natural ingredients. Fortunately, there are a few companies out there who don’t make compromises or cheap yucky stuff. They’re making lovely stuff that’s not toxic, hurray! Nothing is sexier than being smart and healthy. These are my every day all-time faves.

Desert Essence tea tree oil dental floss3415NDE_Dental-Floss_Single

Okay, sort of nerdy but I like to think of this one as my long-term beauty product. I want to keep my pearly whites pearly and white. It’s the key to a pretty smile.

Sunscreen dang it!

This is a long term beautifier too. I protect my skin for health reasons but of course out of vanity also. Our skin is a big indicator of our age and I want to look young forever! I only use Badger sunscreen because they use a mineral/physical block instead of those terrible chemical blocks found in most sunscreens.

Savage Jenny lip gloss (favorite color-Diva)

This is the most nutritive lip gloss I’ve ever found and the colors are downright stunning. Diva is deep red with a touch of copper. With no more than eight recognizable ingredients, including sass, Savage Jenny has made the most perfect lasting, edible, gorgeous lip gloss on the planet. Bonus because it’s made in my backyard- Sebastopol! (That’s just a hop, skip and a jump away from San Francisco if you aren’t familiar).

Acure Eye Cream120912-P26032

I’ve hit thirty. Plus some. Eye cream seems like the responsible thing to do at my age. Preventative. Precautionary. I don’t want a bunch of wrinkles! This cream includes chlorella, promising to promote new skin growth inside those cavernous smile lines I’m accruing.

Aubrey_Organics_E_Plus_High_C_Roll-On_Deodorant_3oz__70195.1349019396.326.326Aubrey Deodorant, E Plus High C

Just because I’m a freaky sort of hippie health nut doesn’t mean I want to smell like one. This is one of the only deodorants on the market that forgoes the carcinogenic and commonly used propylene-glycol. It smells great and lasts even when I’m on the dance floor.