Brave Mykayla Fundraiser

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All photos courtesy of the World Famous Cannabis Cafe

On Saturday, March 9,  the cannabis community rallied to help a sweet little girl with leukemia.  The World Famous Cannabis Cafe was decked out in pink and black with a fabulous dessert bar provided by Rabbithole Edibles.

Madeline Martinez, owner of the cafe, and her staff of volunteers set a warm and welcoming mood for the evening.  The conference room was bursting with items donated for the silent auction.  At least ten pies were donated for a pie raffle that was quite popular.   Growers and caregivers brought medicine for Mykayla in abundance with promises to help throughout her treatment.

The evening kicked off with welcome remarks from emcee, Valeesha, Madeline and me, the event coordinator.  The first musical act, Andrew Russell, played a beautiful acoustic set as revelers bid on auction items, snacked on delicious treats and supported this wonderful family.  In case you haven’t heard about Mykayla, here’s a little bit of her story.

Mykayla Comstock has been making the news for the past several months.  She has a very aggressive type of leukemia.  Her parents have chosen to use cannabis as part of her treatment.  They have been telling their story nationwide.  They make their home just outside Portland, Oregon.

From the Brave Mykayla website:

“Mykayla Comstock was born on June 20th 2005. On July 14th, 2012 shortly after her seventh birthday Mykayla was diagnosed with intermediate risk T-Cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia that had metastasized to her brain and spinal fluid . Her parents knew right away that they wanted to use organic whole extract cannabis oil and cannabis juicing to help Mykayla both mitigate the horrible symptoms of chemotherapy and to help her body rid itself of leukemia*.”

Soul Progression performed next and offered up a jazzy vibe with some great vocals.  They were perfect as the place filled up, and the party got into full swing.  In between sets, John Vergados, Editor of SKUNK Magazine, presented Brandon Krenzler, Mykaya’s Dad with $1000 from an anonymous donor.

With the help of the cafe’s awesome sound guys, Doug and Joe, Mykayla was able to watch the party online.  She called the numbers for the raffles, and we all got a chance to say hello.

Then, Get Down Jones took the stage and rocked the house.  While Get Down Jones worked it out on stage, the silent auction heated up and got not-so-silent.  Bidders got their last chance at about 10:30pm and winners were announced after some frenzied last minute bids at 11:00pm.

DJ Brain Food finished off the night with his funky beats that gave us that last blast of energy we all needed as guests started heading home. We counted up the money and handed it over to Brandon and Erin.  They were grateful and promised to post how much we earned the next day on their Facebook page.  Here is that post:

Thank you John Vergados, Skunk Magazine, the World Famous Cannabis Cafe, and all the people involved in making last nights fundraiser happen!

Thank you to everyone who showed up and helped our family out by showing your love and support.

BECAUSE OF YOU… our family was able to place $4,496 into our savings to help cover Mykayla’s medical expenses and the additional costs of fighting cancer! I cannot even put into words how much this helps our family… Thank you so very much ♥

We also received 8 tubes of donated cannabis oil for Mykayla Lynn last night and we were able to meet many individuals in our community that make oil and are willing to help Mykayla out in times of need! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


I am continually amazed at the capabilities of our community.  At the end of this awe-inspiring evening, I sat with a bowl and my friend Madeline, as we have after many great evening.  We looked at each other, both tired and so satisfied to see that we helped, and said (as we have said many times before), “Girl, we throw a good party!”!