High & Hungry: Flan with Green Tea Ice Cream

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When I was young, my favorite stoner food was fried mushrooms in butter. I lived in the Midwest and this meant out of the can mushrooms. I still remember the taste. But, my ulitimate stoner treat is flan and green tea ice cream. One night in Scottsdale, I was at trendy grocery store that was open late. On one side were freezers with designer ice creams and on the other side was a deli with salads, deserts and other stuff for on the go. I saw the flan. Turning, I saw the ice cream and thought “no way.” Without any previous experimentation, I purchased the two alien munchies. To my amazement, the yin and yang of the two meshed like Elvis and Ann-Margret. Or maybe like two innocent kids who on their own, don’t cause trouble, but together form one personality that equals trouble. The tartness of the ice cream with the sugary landslide of the flan equal one amazing treat.

I have never found anyone else who has tried this. If it wasn’t for marijuana, a banana split could have been my Everest.