Dorita Free2lay’s Five Beauty Essentials

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Kryolan Dermacolor Camouflage Foundations

For the tranny who needs some extra help to take down the face a couple notches, the truth is that the Kryolan Derma Color Camouflage System is the only thing that will cover a beard and still look like your real skin after powdering. This is what professional makeup artists use to cover up tattoos, burn scars, etc. and as far as full coverage goes there is no better product on the market. There have been times where I got a 5 o’clock shadow in drag and since I came home tanked from the bar, I didn’t do a thorough job of taking my makeup off and found traces of my foundation on my face days later. I love M.A.C., they are fierce and bring so much fabulosity into the world, but those products only really work on biological women. As far as value goes all Kryolan products are comparably priced for these tough economic times. All of their products last and show up better than M.A.C. and are still cheaper, which means even the brokest daytime sex worker can still afford a shadow and a lipstick.

“All of their products last and show up better than M.A.C. and are still cheaper, which means even the brokest daytime sex worker can still afford a shadow and a lipstick.”

Coty Airspun Loose Face Powder

With so many powders on the market, I’ve found that expensive name brands are not always the best! I use Coty Powder because it covers the best and holds up the longest. I usually apply it with a brush, because even for those who are heavy handed with the makeup, Coty Powder doesn’t ever cover up your contours, or any other details you’d not want to get lost under a chalky mess. It’s cheap, always under $8, and usually kept around the Kiss fake nails at Walgreens (I think they might have realized that a disproportionately high number drag queens use it). I usually use translucent because I’m fair skinded, but the neutrals also work well and I know many white queens who sing the praises of Coty Neutral. It smells so good- kind of like a baby powder meets Glow by JLo freshness, that really picks me up halfway through my makeup routine. A little bit on a real face will keep the shine off all night and cover up any lines. A modest amount on a fully beat and contoured mug will keep you shine free all the way until 4 a.m. Trust me, I have the pictures to prove it. Also, it has many uses, sometimes I put a little in my pumps because you know a bitch’s feet sweat!

 Also, it has so many uses, sometimes I put a little in my pumps because you know a bitch’s feet sweat!

Kryolan Lipstick

I personally only use Kryolan lipstick. After having tried almost every brand of mainstream makeup (excluding Wet ‘n Wild) I’ve found that Kryolan stays on better than any other brand, regardless of what one is doing with his or her mouth that night. Unfortunately, the mouth is the most important hole on the body and is in constant use all the time, so lips are always hard to keep on point. You know, I could suck off a whole room of dicks and not a single one would have a ring around the base! It comes in SO many colors, and many non-traditional. I use a Kryolan white lipstick just in the very center of the lip to create an ombre effect on almost every kind of lips I do. Occasionally I will brush on a little Coty Translucent powder over the lips and they are set for the next 6 hours…

White Eye Shadow

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, and in this case they are! The windows to the soul of a cock hungry daytime transsexual sex worker– but that’s beside the point. Highlighting is the most important aspect to successful drag, and since I unfortunately feature a masculine brow as a boy, I need white shadow to beat that brow down. To make my eyes look bigger and wider I use white eye shadow, sometimes Kryolan, sometimes M.A.C. and sometimes SugarPill cosmetics. A good primer goes hand in hand with a shadow, if you’re trying to get a color to pop and blend easier, make sure to prime any area that’s to be covered in shadow. White also always pops in photos, which at the end of the day is all that remains from a look. Just something to think about…

Salon Pro 30 Second Super Hair Bond Glue a.k.a. “Weave Glue”

You can see exactly where you apply this product, which helps when it’s time to come off. I glue my lashes with this each and every time… lash glue is too hard to use, takes too long to dry, and really can mess up the look of any eyeshadow as one tries to apply the lash. Salon Pro is latex based and anti-fungal, and since it dries with the consistency of latex, it comes right off at the end of the night. I can’t begin to estimate how many pairs of lashes the Hair Bond Glue has saved me. I personally have found other uses- whenever I’m looking to do a large fake wound (probably about half the time I do drag) I will paint a little bit on and it dries with the look and consistency of a scab, so a little fake blood painted over will have me with an amazing gash that will hold up for many hours but still comes off easily at the end of the night… sometimes all in one piece.


If it ain’t tight, it ain’t right… so keep it pretty!


Dorita Free2Lay